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Enjoy a Sparkling Bradford Winter!

This winter it’s time to create some sparkle, whether we’re on lockdown at home or looking forward to being able to get out and about again, we’re here to give you a virtual hug and a sprinkle of joy as we journey through these winter days.

Winter is a time to take stock, cosy up and relish being at home, but also to set new goals and plan for the year ahead, it’s a time to enjoy what you have and look out for something new.

This year Sparkling Bradford winter is staying with you through to February, to inspire and delight you, whatever your winter wishes there’s a warm welcome at Sparkling Bradford.

National Lockdown - Please Stay at Home.
Summary of current guidance - Stay safe, stay inspired.
Lockdown Discoveries Gallery
Lockdown Discoveries, snapshots of what you’ve seen, and experienced over the past few months. From the beauty of nature to scenic walks in the countryside, to the essence of lockdown life in your local area captured on camera. 

New this week: People Who Make Bradford Sparkle – those people in our communities who have gone the extra mile to make us smile. 

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